Okehampton College Visit

What an amazing day I had yesterday. I went back to Okehampton College and worked with two groups of exam students who were lovely. Including a group of five young men who couldn’t have been more receptive to learning about EFT. Then the college has had the foresight to see the increase in students with anxiety and got me to work with a group of students ranging from 11 to 15. It was wonderful to see how they went from being nervous and anxious about being in a group and having to answer questions out loud in front of people to leaving the room smiling.

I then had a private client who left the session smiling. Then to top my already blessed day off I helped at the Lions Pamper Party in town. I had a full evening of giving taster tapping sessions to ladies. I helped them with things from the stress of moving house, OCD, PTSD, grief, depression, helping to make major life decisions and anxiety.

I couldn’t have had a more rewarding and wonderful day and I feel very blessed that I could help them with the tapping. ? xxxx