Other Therapies



Besides EFT I use Reiki Healing. I trained to be a Reiki Master in 2010 and I love giving people treatments. It is such a wonderfully relaxing practise.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy healing system that is safe, natural and a holistic way of treating many problems, bringing about spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.  It is suitable for everyone.

Everything is made of energy, “Chi” and blocked Chi can cause illnesses. During a Reiki session I use my hands to channel energy from the Universe to the area in my client that has the condition, whether this is a mental, emotional or physical problem.

Personal Training/ Nutrition

personal training

I trained as a personal trainer in 2009. I had only really started to enjoy exercise in my 30’s and I wanted to show people how good it could make you feel and how much it could help your health. I wanted to help people who had never exercised before for their happiness and health. This is why I took the diploma with “Referred Populations,” which means people with health issues that maybe referred to me via their doctor. These include: Ante/post natal, Active Ageing, MS, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Asthma and many more.

I use my knowledge of different exercises and stretches to help with physical problems, such as knee pains. I can also motivate you to try different exercise so that you can benefit from their positive mental and health attributes.