Physical pains and sports injuries

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Physical and emotional traumas lead to blocked median channels if these are not released in a healthy manner they can lead on to physical symptoms, such as pains in your knees, hips, headaches, stiff shoulders, etc.

By working with the emotion or trauma that is being held in that place you can unblock the energy to flow freely and allow healing.

Take a look at the article on EFT in “Runner’s World” March 2013 where an Olympic Athlete found EFT, after trying other therapies including surgery, helped beat her long-term injuries to represent Team GB in last year’s Olympics and make the semi-finals in the 100m and 200m.

I have worked with runners to help with their injuries, allowing them to return to training quicker. I have helped with back, shoulder and knee pains to relieve the pain and given enough time to completely remove the pain.

Ask me how I can help you to move more freely and become “pain-free.”


How EFT can help with both the emotional and physical components of sports injuries