“Bradley has finally done it, sleeping away from home has been a real issue for him since his grandad died. The tears and tantrums are over. He’s been on a residential for one night, by Jove he did it!. Thank you to Tracey Strawbridge and her tapping method. Bigs cuddles for my boys when they get home tonightfeeling proud.”

Glenda, Honiton

“Tracey has helped my son and daughter so much, it’s honestly changed our lives!I took my daughter (10) to see her initially as she had been suffering really badly with anxiety, she was having panic attacks in the day and hadn’t slept in her room for over a year. We had tried so many things and honestly didn’t know what to do next when my friend told me about Tracey. We saw a difference immediately and after just a few sessions we had a totally different child. She hasn’t had a panic attack since and sleeps in her room 95% of the time! She also now has the skills to help if she does feel anxious, but thankfully she rarely needs to use them. My son had a lot of anger issues and negative emotions around a habit he found it hard to give up. He’s only 8 so wasn’t all that willing to co-operate but Tracey was calm and patient with him and always had another idea to try if he didn’t want to do the first one. Again after just a few sessions he’s like a different child, so much happier and the habit he found it hard to kick is now becoming less of an issue. Tracey is great with kids and is so intuitive, I’m just so happy we found out about her.”

Anon Female in 30’s

I found my EFT session to be a really powerful way of releasing emotions connected to a childhood trauma that were still effecting me decades later. Tracey is a very approachable and effective practitioner and I would fully recommend booking a session with her.’ 



“Whilst training for a Marathon I started getting pain in my lower back/bum area. Not sure what the problem was I decided to go and see a Sports Physiotherapist. After having a physical exam I was told that it was my Piriformis muscle causing me the pain. I had treatment that consisted of lots of stretching exercises and massaging the affected area. This did work at the time and I went back to running. But months later I was getting very frustrated because I was still getting numbness in my lower back/bum area. One day out running with Tracey she asked if I had tried the Tapping Therapy. I had never heard of this before, so I decided to give it a go. Not sure what to expect I went with an open minded. I explained my pain and what level the pain was between  1-10. By concentrating on certain words like frustrated & tapping the areas my pain level eventually went. I was surprised that it worked and would use this treatment again. I would recommend this Therapy.”

Jo, Honiton

“I had just completed a reasonably tough 7 mile run and was looking forward to a rest and the BBQ that I had been invited to post run.  I hadn’t been sat long before I’d noticed my knee had started to get ‘stiff’ and I was finding it awkward to stand and walk.  I had had a knee operation several months before, my knee had recovered well and I had been back running pain free for a while.  I went to get up out of the chair after I’d eaten and could not put any weight on the affected knee and the pain was bad, I was almost dragging my leg behind me.  Tracey suggested trying some ‘tapping’.  I’d never heard of it before and I was rather sceptical, but with the way I was feeling was willing to give anything a try!  She took me through the ‘tapping’ process whereby I talked about the pain, how I felt about it and tried my best to describe the pain.  Although I felt a little silly ‘chanting’ the words I persevered.   After the first ‘round’ I tried to straighten my leg and I was astonished how much better it felt after just a few minutes.  Tracey suggested repeating the session again to see if we could improve it further and I immediately agreed.  After two sessions and about 15 minutes I could hardly believe that I could stand and to some degree walk normally again.  I’d not only amazed myself but everyone else at the BBQ too!”

Wendy, Honiton

“Tracey was really easy going and sensitive as well as being confident in her approach, I felt in safe hands. I found that I was able to move on from old negative belief patterns and the process seemed surprisingly simple. The work was focused and effective and left me with tools that I continue to use when needed”

Emma, Bristol

“Before doing the tapping I was very emotional, crying a lot, without really a reason, I felt I was useless and rubbish at most things. I felt I deserved everything that had happened to me. After I did feel a lot happier, more content with myself and my own company. I felt more confident to stick up for myself and say how I felt and confident to try new things. I felt that I was worth something, and that things weren’t my fault and they were out of my control.”

Rachel, Oakhampton


“I approached Tracey for help as my 15 year old daughter was suffering from anxiety manifesting itself mainly as obsessional behaviour which was beginning to affect our lives. Our doctor had suggested counselling but she didn’t want to make a big thing of it, but Mum needed help! I was sceptical of course but I understood the benefits of acupuncture so as this used acupressure points I thought it was worth a try. After one session via Skype we have seen a huge improvement, she is much more relaxed and the behaviour patterns have either disappeared or are now manageable. We had a second session just to make sure but having learnt the technique she can now use it whenever she feels the need and has done so. After years of dealing with her deep seated issues, my daughter no longer has to worry about them thanks to Tracey and EFT. Thank you so much!”

Kathryn, Tavistock

“Thank you Tracey for such a wonderful therapy session last week. I really felt that you completely understood where I was coming from and so appreciate you giving me the time and space I needed to process things that were happening. I felt really supported by you and safe in your care. Your warm and friendly nature makes it really easy to be open with you and therefore achieve results. I have definitely noticed a change in the situation we worked on and would certainly recommend you to anyone serious about wanting to clear some of their issues! Thanks again”

Heather, Bristol