Children and EFT


Children have their own worries and fears and as a parent or a teacher there is not always the time or the skill to deal with them. Sometimes the child just does not want to talk about their problems but with EFT they don’t need to.

Teaching your child to tap on themselves gives them the tools and the confidence to cope with their fears and worries on a daily basis. Tapping together is a great bonding tool for you both.

I am asked to go into primary schools and colleges to work with young people on a whole range of different emotions. I work one-to-one with children to help with their anger issues and have seem a great improvement in their behaviour generally in the classroom. I teach whole classes and small groups tapping to help them with their exam stress, moving schools, nightmares and obsessive behaviours that affect their whole family. They can use it as a tool to help themselves whenever they need to.  It has shown to work on nightmares, behaviour problems that can result from anger, sadness and worries, bullying, anxiety of exams and new schools. I have used it very successfully with students with SEN to help them to process unexplainable emotions.

When a child is worried, angry or anxious they cannot think clearly and their behaviour can be reactive, such as hitting out in response instead of thinking through the consequences. Exams are extremely stressful for children, from the Year 6 SATS through to degrees. When a child is anxious their retrieval mechanisms are impaired and they are not able to perform as well as they could. Exams can also mean sleepless nights and poorly tummy’s (you know what I am talking about, don’t you mum?)