World Mental Health Day

As today is World Mental Health Day I thought I would share how poor mental health has affected me in my past. The first time I was depressed I don’t think I actually realised I was until many years afterwards. I know I couldn’t get my thoughts out of head, and it just became a vicious cycle. I went about my every day life as normal but in my head I was at the stage of thinking of ways to end it all. Luckily I got the chance to go on a trip that took me out of my head and things started to improve. Then after my first child I got post natal depression. I can still remember the minute it hit me. It didn’t creep up like the last time, it was just Wham! and it changed how I felt instantly. At the time I was just getting into a car to go out for the evening. Everything that happened that night I reacted to like a different person, grumpy and angry. Luckily for me I had a supportive family and friends, without who I would have struggled. But I got help with antidepressants and counselling and came out the other side.
Now I have found EFT( tapping) and whenever I am starting to struggle I tap. And I have seen how powerfully it has helped several of my clients who have been at very low points in their lives, luckily before some of them have turned to antidepressants. 

So if you or someone you know is struggling come and talk to me about how I can help. I know how bad it can feel. Xxxxx